Allow New Players time to be Noobs in #Minecraft

Baby sheep, completely new to the world.

This can apply for any game, so here’s a thought:

Let new players be new players,
Let them learn and experience things for the very first time on their own.
You don’t have to tell them the best and simplest way to do things,
or how to do something they haven’t figured out yet, unprompted.
And even if they do ask what seems like a question, check in with them if they want to know out right, or if they want to get a hint where to look, or if it was just a rhetorical question.

But why you might wonder? And let me tell you
You only really get that fresh new feeling once when playing a game,
and often once you’ve learned things you don’t just magically forget about it (unless for health reasons, that’s a completely different post)
Even moments of frustration, or moments of wonder, doesn’t mean that the optimal solution or simplest solution should be offered to fix things.

Just watch someone’s video
or read someone’s blog post
chronicling their experience
in order to join them in the fun
of discovering everything for the first time.
Join them in learning new things as they go along.
Struggling, or being frustrated
can be part of the experience,
it can also be part of the show.
Enjoy the show. And if you don’t, change the channel.

And sometimes it’s not part of anything. Sometimes it just is, and that’s okay too.

I understand that you want to help new players, and help them learn things,
but if they aren’t asking you, don’t just tell them.
Let them do,
Let them be,
and first, and probably foremost,
let them create and enjoy themselves in doing so.

Let them have conversations that revolve around what they know,
and sometimes the best thing you can do is bite your tongue.
This is something you probably need to practice,
I sure know I have,
but you’ll get there, I believe in you. I allow you to be a noob too.

Just let us be as we experience this game for the first time.

First time experiences with something like Minecraft
that has 10 years on it’s neck is somewhat of a niche.
And eventually you grow out of it.
I’m painfully aware that I’m going to grow out of the niche I’m currently residing,
and maybe that’s why I’m extra protective of myself and others who currently live here.

Most of my readers on here, and my other online communities, have been fantastic about this, so this isn’t about you, but this is for those moments when you play any game and just want help telling someone to shut the fuck up, without explaining in excruciating detail why you just want to experience this on your own but sharing in the fun.

This message is brought to you by “the comment section ruins everything” and “people on discord don’t understand when people just don’t want to know every detail when they are a new player”, but it is written with love, because we were all noobs once.

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