Day 4: Settling & They Stole Our Luci

3rd of Septober, Spring, 5510. Psychic Rain

Cannon’s Diary:

We found a plot of land that we want to call our own. We haven’t decided on how much we want to stay in touch with the others yet. I think I’ll let Von have the final say, as they were kind enough to come with me on this adventure.

I hope they won’t be too mad we left without saying anything though. Anyways, I got some work to do. Talk to you later.


Today was one wet, but productive day. The purple rain is still pouring down and I can feel the life being sapped out of me. Surely I’m just imagining things?
First when we arrived we were just so tired that we dropped everything right where we sat down in the rain. Then we realized what a mistake that was and packed everything up again to move into the ruins we found. It has a magnificent stele in it. and we figured if we put up some temporary roofing we may actually be safe from the rain tonight.

We managed to set up tables to eat, and I built us a stool each, it was the only thing we could do with the materials we had at hand. I also managed to gather some extra wood while building the roof, so we could make a torch, glad that there were trees here, could’ve gone much worse otherwise.

Von Napier is fast asleep in their bedroll, but I’m still laying awake thinking about the deep conversation we had about how long it will take for us to get our own private bedrooms. I really miss having a lush impressive bedroom, but right now, I guess this will have to do. Wait, why did we sell that marvelous statue?

Tomorrow I need to go hunting, I saw some guinea pigs close to camp. If we want to make food, and a little bit of money guinea pigs is the way to go. When we’ve settled in hopefully I can get some time to tailor something nice out of the fur.

Luxenburg’s Diary:

Fuck, they took our Luciferium. We had managed to save up 20 doses each, that would last us for two years, and without it we will surely perish. Fuck. FUCK! We should’ve locked it behind a wall somewhere, kept a season’s worth of doses on us. But no, we kept it in the storage room, next to the Penoxycyline.

Me, Speedy and Croiro have to go get it, or at least some of it back. I don’t want to have to fight any of them, they are still part of this faction, but if I have to I will kill them both, even sweet innocent Von Napier. Do they even know that Cannon took it?

Fuck them. Gotta shoot a message to the caravan to be on the lookout for more luci as well.

This is a RimWorld character journal, mainly following a pawn by the name of Cannon and their journey as they keep a diary on the rim. This is using a modded game as a source, so some things may differentiate from the core game.

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