Day 7, Staying connected

6th of Septober, Spring, 5510. Psychic Rain

Cannon’s journal

I woke up from the strangest dream this morning. In it me and Von decided to cut all contact with the main colony, but keep in radio contact with the caravans that are out and about right now (I don’t know why…). When it happened, there was this mix of joy and sorrow just overwhelming me. I’m already mourning my relationship ending, but the loss of friends just made it so much worse. Even if I was happy about not being in touch with some of them anymore, I was still overwhelmingly sad.

This dream made me realize that I can’t entirely break from the other colony, and as soon as we get a comms console up and running I’ll reach out to them again, give them our coordinates, figure out our relationship a bit further. Considering all the things I need to do around here, this may take a while.


Before all that I was patching up our guests most of the night, 3 of them are now on sleeping spots on the floor, but resting, and I don’t think they are going home with the rest of their group.

I think we all may have been food poisoned, it has to be because my kitchen isn’t well enough built yet, it was still sharing a room with the butcher’s table. I have finished of the separation to the actual kitchen area today, and am hoping that I can get hold of some materials so I can build some sterile floors, currently there’s no floor at all in there.

Von Napier is up and running again. Fetching some old broken furniture from the nearby ruins, maybe we can use some of it. It also looks like they cleaned up the floor before they went out, which I’m grateful for. There was such a bloody mess everywhere in our barracks when I went to bed last night.

Luxemburg’s Journal

We’re heading into the forest looking for the first river, hopefully just continuing in a straight line until we hit that 3rd river, which won’t be today.

This is a RimWorld character journal, mainly following a pawn by the name of Cannon and their journey as they keep a diary on the rim. This is using a modded game as a source, so some things may differentiate from the core game.

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