Allowing myself time when editing for the first time

You may have caught my sneak peek preview of me recording RimWorld, and right now I’m in the process of editing it.
The goal is to create some decent bite-size episodes of about 30min, and then share it with you all over time. I spent a whole week with every night recording, and it was kind of intense. That said, recording makes RimWorld run a lot slower, so I didn’t necessarily get very far each night.

I could see that there was an eagerness within myself to rush to get something out, but then I realize that in order for me to continue enjoying and getting back into editing I need to let myself take the time it needs.
For a few reasons:
1. I’m learning a new editing software, kdenlive. The last one I’ve been familiar with, before CapCut on the phone in recent months, was Avid about 17 years ago when I was at school studying film and editing. It’s been a while.
2. I’m getting used to the different tools available within that editing software, and have big chunks of video to log.
3. I want to just enjoy the process.

I realize that this means it’ll take y’all a bit longer to actually get something, but hopefully I can provide some sneak-peaks and some insightful texts like this in the meanwhile.

If it’s any consolation I will most likely be editing one episode at the time, and then schedule them or publish them as they are done. If I finish a lot in a short time span, I will of course try to space them out at some decent interval.

Thank you for your patience with me as I struggle with my health, and mental health levels over the past few years. I’m glad you’re here, and that we’re embarking on a new journey and chapter together!

If you’re enjoying reading these little articles or stories, consider throwing some support my way: via ko-fi or alternatives. I’m currently trying to cover my student loan debt payments and that will be my goal going forward too.

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