What are these bugs, what’s happening? Minecraft, Day 4

Image depicting the work on the ceiling and next floor of the house.

You may remember yesterday that I was flustered about our bodies disappearing, today I discovered what happened to them. But let me set the scene first, something I didn’t manage to grab any screenshots for because I was so distracted.

Apparently when Loa joins the game I focus on showing him things and doing things together with him, so we went cave diving, we were finally deep into the caves and we found the diamonds I’d not been able to get to yesterday because I kept dying and losing my shit so I couldn’t mine it. At the very bottom of one of the chasms, we were exploring around, trying to be fairly careful. At least I was. I do feel like because Loa has a lot more experience with Minecraft he’s a lot more gung ho about the whole thing. I’m gung ho in a different way.

While I was… I don’t know what I was doing tbh it all happened so quickly, Loa ran into an Enderman, and it became hostile. And I was like “Why did you attack it” and he was like “I didn’t, I only looked it in the eyes” and I was like, “WHAT?! You mean I could’ve killed myself yesterday when I was taking those screenshot of the Enderman I knew wouldn’t hurt me?!!”. Loa quickly died, and I was like “let me help you *slash slash*” and then I realized he was dead, and soon I died too.

We made it back to the depths fairly soon, and we couldn’t find our corpses again, just like the problem I’d had yesterday.

Loa logged out, to go get ready for work, and I was like “I’ll get our shit back with creative mode again because this is stupid”. And after I’d done that I noticed something.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Corpses

We had looked for the corpse in the depth, and looked around for it by digging around the spot we died, the spot the game knew we died. Double checked the coordinates and such.

After I’d recovered our items, and stashed it away in the appropriate chests, I noticed that a purple dot on the minimap, closer to the mining base camp than where we died. Basically on the minimap xp and arrows and some other stuff shows up as purple dots, while normal items are red dots, and I knew from before that the corpse does show up as a purple dot. This was when my mind started to connect the dots (pun not intended). From the minor reading I’d done on the corpse mod FAQ I knew that it didn’t handle custom depths very well, something that I didn’t even know if I was running as this modpack was new to me and well Minecraft was new to me.

I walked towards the dot on the map, through the tunnels I’d already been accommodating for easy travel and I started digging. And this was my first screenshot of the evening, me finding my corpse 4 feet under ground (pun intended). And once at the foot of the hole, I noticed the “0” in the coordinates and realized that yes, indeed any corpse that dies below 0 ends up at 0. This explains the floating corpses too. (this isn’t the corpse from me dying this time, but an older corpse).

My corpse at the bottom of a hole.
I found my body
close up of my body at the bottom of a hole.
Yep that’s definitely me

So I started a new project for the night…. digging tunnels on the 0 level, going in all possible directions to be able to easily go to our corpses.

Why you ask? Well, ehm… I’m weird. and I enjoy seemingly random projects that are just for me for weird reasons.

A stair down to 0 level, and a beginning of a tunnel.
And so the work began.

More cavediving

It wouldn’t be a project of mine if I didn’t get distracted along the way. So here I am building other shelves trying to get more iron (because I’m fairly low on stock as most of my gear has broken). I guess it was part of the plan and goal for the night to get more iron, that’s why I went into the mines to begin with too.

By this point I had made a diamond pickaxe but would only use it for special ores for most of the night.

Don't mind me, just building ledges around random crevasses in the cave system.
climbing the walls to get more ores

Another example of my body being in the wrong place. This is the corpse from earlier in the day.

My corpse, wearing an iron helmet, leather pants and holding a sword standing straight up, floating in the air close to vines.
Ah yes, there I am.

I don’t like building like this because I’m not used to it yet. And this height was incredibly scary… But then I remembered that I did get very confident with doing this kind of building in 7 Days to Die, and that game is pretty much Minecraft with different textures.

Looking down off a ledge, to see the side of the block I'm standing on to be able to place another block next to it, while balancing above a very very high height.
Don’t look down.

House Renovations

After a while I was satisfied with the digging and pathing I’d done under ground and I remembered all the wood I’d cut the night before, I decided it was time to rebuild the house for a little bit.

If you don’t remember what it looked like before, do check back with the previous posts (day 2, and day 3) where I’ve shared some house pictures.

I knew I wanted to change from spruce planks to oak planks, and I quickly noticed that I didn’t want just the plain oak planks, I needed some kind of accents. So I decided to try some combination with oak logs, and build a semi-timber house.

The main plan was to raise the roof by one block, and build a second floor. The second floor would mostly host things we wouldn’t be using as regularly like the bed, and I don’t know what else yet.

The front of the house as I've added the first floor extra height by 1 block, a row of oak logs.
Front of the house, after I’d just begun.

I had to learn the mechanics of block placing, and how the blocks that have different rotations rotate depending on where you aim etc, which was an interesting challenge.

Beginning building the second floor, adding torches around so no baddies will spawn on top-
It’s slowly taking shape
Second floor being built straight above the first floor roof/ceiling, as I was increasing the height by one block
Difference in colour is quite big.

Okay it’s taking shape. I decided for aesthetic purposes to make extra log pillars inside as the inside corners wouldn’t show the outside corner block.

From the front of the house, getting the frame of the second floor into place. On the left of the screen there's two log pillars supporting that corner of the house.
The front of the house

I’m focusing on the frame on the top floor before replacing the bottom floor. Also my building is quite haphazardly, because I will build something get distracted and do a different piece. Even when I try to do it very organized. This is ADHD organization, clearly working well.

The side of the house, you can see more progress on the top, with some ceiling beams of logs visible.
chickens are looking at me working
From the very back of the house, the wall on this side is complete, except for the gap for future windows, double the size from the previous windows as seen on the bottom floor.
Okay, I like this shape.

Very blocky, how would it not be in Minecraft, but I also like it. I enjoy working with the aesthetics and textures to create something out of these blocks.

All the frame of the house is now finished, and more pieces of the walls are added with some visible gaps, and no roof yet.
I think the chicken likes the new house too

At one point I did have to go out for more wood, thus the night time photo with a sapling in my head. But again, it was just very nice. I do appreciate the night time in Minecraft, and real life.

A night time photo of the almost completed house. I've attempted to build a roof out of logs too.
Almost complete, night time view of the new house from the other side of the vegetable garden patch.
From the inside of the top floor of the house, looking up at the log ceiling, decorated with some lanterns. All the gaps in the walls have now been filled in with glass pane windows.
This looks quite cozy.
The view from one of the windows, over the bridge leading to the dungeon house, which has also been replaced from dirt to oak planks.
Beautiful view
Showing the other corner of the top floor of the new and improved house. Showing a random stair leading nowhere which was used to build the roof. Big open windows showing more trees outside.
I really appreciate the aesthetic I achieved here.
Bottom floor of the new fresh house, still with flooring made of grass because it's not been replaced.
The house is now functional. Please ignore the grass floor.
Front of the house as the roof has been put in place. the door is almost invisible, matching the colour of the oak plank walls.
I’m quite proud of it.

Wait, where are all my chickens? I wonder if this was after I culled them, or while a bunch of them were still off in the mountains because the escaped while I was rebuilding things. I’m realizing that it looks like all the chicken are gone. What I think happened here is that I bred them so new babies were formed, and then I killed off the adults, and the baby chicks tend to huddle around any grownups left, so they are all huddled on that one point of the mini-map which only displays one chicken.

View of the completed house from the bridge leading to the dungeon house.
House complete.

I think this is where I’ll end today, even though there were some minor adventures continuing in the night, nothing too fabulous happened, and I can just add it to tomorrows post about the next adventure.

Thank you for being with me on this journey experiencing this game for the first time, and doing my damndest to write image descriptions that are useful on these images.

See you tomorrow.

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