An Enchanting Night in Minecraft, day 5

To pick up where we left off yesterday, more adventures!

While scouring out in the night I ran into a fox for the first time, and let me tell you I was fascinated. These foxes had a tendency to hang out in the water and swim around, which I thought was extremely cute. Unfortunately they are fickle animals and it was difficult to take good pictures of them.

It's night time and standing on the edge of the river I'm looking down the crossbow towards a fox swimming.
I’m not aiming to shoot, I just have my crossbow loaded because other monsters about

I quickly dove back into the mines, I had one major goal, and that was to get some obsidian, because I wanted to build an enchanting table, and I finally had a diamond pick axe.

I quickly found rich resources, and this diamond node was 8 diamonds worth.

At the bottom of the cave 4 blocks of diamonds
More treasure below

While my main goal was obsidian, as I said, I didn’t pass up any opportunity to get diamonds.

Another 2 block of diamonds on the wall in a very dark cave
Precious diamonds

At some point I was making my way back to the surface, and started digging another stair up, this is still very close to my other dungeon entrance, but now I got two apparently.

A small cobblestone entrance to stairs leading down into the cave systems

I also had to be incredibly careful to not drain the lake.

Something beautifully strange

I went down for more adventures, because I had totally gotten sidetracked from actually finding the obsidian, and I noticed that I was close to this purple thing on the mini map. So I started digging. And inside was this gorgeous purple stone.

Opening to a ball shaped room with purple stones
What’s inside?

Turns out it was an amethyst, and all the blocks were amethyst, and the protruding shards were amethyst shards, and I said amethyst way too many times. But look how gorgeous it is.

Inside the ball of purple amethyst. It's very shiny and pretty.
All the amethyst

Through this cave, I found a way out, and met a cute little Wolf.

Even stranger, but just what I was looking for.

This was probably the best find this day. It both had obsidian and lava that I was looking for. It was in the middle of the night, so I was trying to be careful and not get eaten by anything.

A small ruin, with obsidian, stone bricks, a chest, some lava, magma, and netherrack, in the middle of the forest.
A kind of obsidian ruin with a lava block, some magma and gold blocks.

This meant I could head back home and finish my secret project. The enchantment table!

Crafting screen in Minecraft, with the materials for the enchantment table in place.
It’s ready

I headed back home, built the enchantment table, placed the 15 book cases. I was so proud of myself that this tiny piece of information had stuck in my mind from the Minecraft series I’m watching. And I could “complete” this in one go. I had enough paper and leather for all the books and I organized it in the correct way. Unfortunately the only screenshots I have of the area is with the enchant menu open showing off the items I already enchanted.

My focus was putting into practice some of the things I had learnt through osmosis with regard to enchanting, so I forgot to actually screenshot along the way. I had a session with gathering extra XP mainly around the house and the farm, the chickens helped a lot.

Enchanting screen, hovering over the crossbow I'd just enchanted with Unbreaking 3 and Piercing 4.
Sexy crossbow enchantments
Diamond Pickaxe tooltip, with the enchantment Unbreaking 2 and Fortune 1
Better pickaxe
Tooltip for a second Diamond Pickaxe enchanted with Efficiency 2
2nd pickaxe

And I can combine these two pickaxes to repair and get both enchantments on one! Which is neat.

The crossbow had piercing on it, which means I can in theory use it to more efficiently cull my chickens. And yes, it works like a charm! Piercing also means that I can pick up almost all my arrows again, which is very helpful.

Trying out my crossbow on my chickens

Thank you and good night

Bonus session:

Me and Loa managed to squeeze in a session the same day, so here’s how it went. Basically I’d been eagerly awaiting to show him the last two posts of stuff, and he’s finally got some time off. And yey!

He logged back in while back in that cave we’d died. And he had to find his way back. I did go down to help him, and we did some exploring before we went back up again and he got to see the new shiny house. I was like “y u no say anything about the house yet”, but expressed it as: So did you notice something? And he was like “Yes, you put in support beams!” and I was like “AND A WHOLE OTHER FLOOR!”.

I think he takes a bit longer than me to process things and give feedback, so me just eagerly awaiting an immediate response means it feels way too slow.

He was rummaging through the boxes, and well the organization isn’t amazing yet but I helped him find what he needed. He eventually went upstairs and found the enchanting table, and was actually impressed with me having added the correct amount of bookshelves, which I appreciated.

Then he taught me a trick, to cover the bookshelves to get only low level enchantments showing if you just want some minor bumps on say your entire Iron Armor. So we did that, and managed to get two pairs of iron boots with Feather Falling 1 so we can both enjoy easier falling not that we got to put it to the test.

Loa in enchanted iron gear, glowing purple/pink, holding a spy glass.
Lookin cute.

We went to hunt for some kelp, and Loa used the spyglass to see the kelp before we got there. And I was screaming at him that he went and found the kelp before I even left the house, then he waited for me to catch up and showed me that he used the spyglass, and we laughed at it. Then we went to cut it down, and bring it home.

He also showed me how to build an automatic bone meal machine using hoppers, but as usual I got too distracted by him being in the game with me that I took very few screen shots. *sad face*

Loa standing by the bed ready for sleep.

While we were getting kelp it was getting dark, and he wanted us to go back home and sleep because we were so close. Then he laughed at me going to bed in the game with all my clothes on.

Next day we went to go back to the ruins I’d found. For more obsidian and to show me how to make obsidian with lava and water.

We found two foxes swimming in the river this time.
Foxes going for a paddle

We arrived at the ruins, and I looked through the inventory and I was like “where’s the water bucket, did you take the water bucket?” And I looked up to this:

Loa standing on one block above me, holding a water bucket.
Oh, you got the water already

It was a very silly moment. He let me try putting the water over the lava source block, and voila I had one more block obsidian. I was honestly a little bit upset by it, because I was hoping that there was a way to get more of it. But unfortunately not.

Then Loa asked me, if I’d found any villages yet, and I hadn’t, but I had seen what looked like a village on the map. And we were already halfway there from home, so we started walking.

By the time we saw the village in the distance it was already getting dark.

Dark night looking over a valley, with some lit up houses near the horizon.
There is indeed a village

Loa was worried about the villagers, because they could die from monsters etc, so we hurried over, there were a lot of monsters on the way and we almost got killed by those child-sized zombies again.

Loa in the village next to a torch-post.
We made it to the village

In the village, there were guards as part of one of the mods, and they were fighting off most of the monsters.

Once dawn came, and the villagers started to wake up, I learnt how to trade with them, and found that one forester was trading oak saplings for emeralds, and the hunter was trading 5 emeralds for 2 slime balls, we need slime to make something nice. I’ve been keeping an eye out for slime ever since Loa mentioned them the first day he joined me.

And yeah, that’s where this adventure ended, we got our slime, and we logged out in the village to make something to eat.

More adventures ahead tomorrow!

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