Exploring a village and more, Minecraft Day 6

This session was quite short, but I did enjoy myself. As promised the enchantment table corner!

Enchanting table surrounded by bookcases, in front of a window, one of the book cases has a chest above it
Our little enchantment corner

I mostly played alone today, I continued exploring the villager, and ran around farming some stuff to trade with the villagers, and came away from it with 35 emeralds in total, 5 of which I spent on slime balls.

Looking over the village we found, two of the houses are on top of the mountain.
Quite a big village

I took over one of the houses, and put down two furnaces, a few chests, and a crafting bench, so I could keep doing some stuff.

As you can see my levels went up quite significantly from that.

Another angle of the village
For some reasons none of my images caught guards or golems

I also tried to harvest some honey, but I just broke the bee hive, and I have no idea how to avoid that. But I don’t mind, it’s a learning experience throughout this game and will continue to be.

After a few days I decided to start walking back home.

My home visible in the dark across the lake
Home sweet home

I definitely had too many thing on my mind when I got back, and it was quite hard to focus on one thing at the time. So, I managed to get back to finishing the Tackle Box for fishing (through Aquaculture 2). I was very ready to start fishing, but realized I didn’t know how to get bait.

A tackle box on the ground in my grass floored house.
Ready to go fishing?

I figured it out (with some help from the internet), and now I have a lot of the things I wanted for fishing.

I spent 25 levels on enchantments, mostly minor ones, and forging different items together to combine those enchantments. As in repairing my iron pick, and my iron armor. I’ll keep getting XP back, as we keep exploring, so I thought it was good to spend it on something that will improve exploring a little bit.

Anyways, I wanted to go fishing, so I decided to head out.

But as usual I got distracted by shiny…

Shiny Friend

By the ocean there was a horse, so it was in my way to get to where I wanted to go. Okay, okay, I knew it was there, and I had the lead with me, so I was trying to figure out how to get it to join me.

Hiding under a tree and spying on a horse, while I'm holding an apple in my hand.
See it? I’m ready with apples

The lead worked, and it followed me home. I was way too nervous to stop to take more photos on the way back. It refused to go inside the garden fence, so it had to stay outside.

Me looking at a big brown horse, holding horse armor in myhand
Ready to be friends?

I got thrown off the horse the first time, but was not ready at all to take a screenshot of that, and I expected it would happen again, but I fed the horse another apple, and right clicked with free hands in order to get on. And was ready with the F2 button.

Myself, fully armored on top of my new horse, with hearts around us indicating it's happy with me.
Yey, love.

These hearts do NOT mean that the horse wants to fuck. I feel like I need to put that out there considering the chicken and sheep issue I had.

I really didn’t expect it to work so soon! Figured it’d be more fickle, that said I’d pretty much been feeding it treats every session, so maybe something of that helped.

Still on the horse, but now it's wearing it's own diamond armor shining in turquoise. We're in front of the vegetable garden, nose towards the ocean.
So shiny

Let’s go on an adventure!

Riding through the field full of trees toward the ocean.

Look how pretty they are? Prettiest horse there ever was. Also, I didn’t craft this armor, it dropped in a chest. And damn, that’s nice.

The horse from the side, covered in the turquoise diamond armor, and a saddle, with the ocean behind it.
We made it without further distractions

Here fishie fishie

And it was finally time to fish!

Fishing in the ocean with my diamond fishing rod.

The animation for when the fish is about to hook is great, because you see bubbles going closer to the bobber, and I just love it.

Fishing in the darkness, and just received an achievement (advancement) Fishy Business.

I didn’t fish for very long, because I was getting tired and it was getting dark, so I went back home, and had a snooze. More adventures tomorrow.

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