Day 1: We’re leaving

15th of Jugust, Winter, 5510.

I can’t believe we’re doing this. Me and Camaban have been married for a long while, and yes, we’ve enjoyed it here, we just have this want to build something for yourselves. So, we’re packing up in the middle of the night to leave. We’re going as far away as the pod launchers can take us, and taking some chosen things with us. I’ll let you know more after we’ve landed.


Tonight couldn’t have gone more wrong than it did. I never expected Camaban to break up with me. While we were packing they told me they this wasn’t working any more, and me killing Nina was the last straw.

I know, I know that I killed their kin, but they attacked us. It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t think they’d leave me over it.

I understand that they are outside of themselves with grief, and I feel bad for what I did, but should I have let Nina kill me instead? It was really me or them.

I’m still at the colony, I couldn’t leave alone. I don’t know what I’ll do now.

This is a RimWorld character journal, mainly following a pawn by the name of Cannon and their journey as they keep a diary on the rim. This is using a modded game as a source, so some things may differentiate from the core game.

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